(m 108 s.l.m. – 42° 16’ N – 14° 01’ E)

Municipality of Pescara province of about 3,800 inhabitants, in a settlement that has developed in the place where the river Pescara was crossed by a ferry (the scafa "that in the 17th and 18th centuries it came to indicate any military boat or merchant, used to the river and shipping), which gave its name to the country, until 1948 part of the municipality of San Valentino in Abruzzo Hither. Scholars believe that the name may derive from the Latin word "scapha" (which refers to the greek word "skaphe" 'valley'), attested in medieval documents in the sense of "pit", "conduct", with the final explanation etymology as "place where water is stored," to the fact that in correspondence to flow into the waters of the Pescara, the Lavino and various other ditches and streams.

It includes the villages of Decontra, Piano d'Orta, Collemulino, Colli, Mampioppo Hills, Superior Hills, Marullo-Solcano, Pianapuccia, Tornaturo. The importance of the country, from the economic point of view, is related to the presence of a plant for the processing of bitumen and pearl production of cement with rocky stones taken from the Maiella and transported to the plant by a cable car that crossed various're worth and Tiburtina Valeria , adjacent to the large factory. The latest economic crisis events have transformed the factory, although it was renovated and equipped with all the necessary equipment to eliminate pollutants and dust in a cement sorting warehouse, from other plants of Italcementi Group, in a climate of great tension and protests for the unjustified closure in 2015. These are the numbers of the plant in Scafa of the basin which includes Manoppello, Lettomanoppello, Turrivalignani, Abbateggio, San Valentino in Abruzzo Hither and Roccamorice): 55,000 square meters extension of the cement; 67 employees including technicians, employees and workers; Armature 200 people involved in the activities of the cement; 330,000 tons of production capacity of clinker in a year; 420,000 tons of cement production capacity in a year; a line of baking; 5 mills; 37 fabric filters for dust containment; 26 elevators; 890 engine; 1 shed raw materials and clinker; 24 silos and tanks; 300,000 bees for biological monitoring.

And local resources are derived from the natural environment which includes the Oasis of Lake Alanno - Piano d'Orta, at one of the three dams on the Pescara, but especially from the Lavino Springs Park, with its sulphurous waters, which in addition to already initiated a reception area, but unfortunately not treated properly, may favor a hydrotherapy center, connected to CaramanicoTerme and Peoples.

Places of historic and artistic interest:  

  • Church of Madonna del Carmelo



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