(m 705 s.l.m.; 42° 03’N – 12°59’ E)

Town of 781 inhabitants in the metropolitan capital city of Rome, located on the border with Abruzzo with the province, characterized by very cold winters and mild summers, but rich in water; no shortage of sunny days with the north or north-east wind, the cold ... that justify designation.

The particular geographical location of what will be the territory of Riofreddo determines since prehistoric Municipality built around an ancient Roman fortress built in that place to guard the ancient Via Valeria of which there are only a few traits with the typical Roman paving and a bridge attributed CocceoNerva console. Retains other archaeological sites in the locality CasalRotondo, like three necropolis dating back to different ages, but the most interesting and the oldest dating back to 1000 a./c. is Equa era, where they were brought to light, with fairly recent excavations, some very interesting exhibits including a dagger of a warrior Fair exhibited along with other museum in the City of arts and cultures.

Riofreddo, known in medieval times as Rivusfrigidus, belonged from the beginning of the thirteenth century to the column with Landolfo who owned it along with other villages in the surrounding area including Roviano, Vivaro and Pozzaglia, giving its name to one of the branches of this family that It held until the mid-fifteenth century, except for a brief period during the pontificate of Pope Boniface VIII who confiscated the column to grant it to the Orsini. Passed by marriage to Caffarelli, these they sold during the first half of the sixteenth century to the Dragon who still retain the title of marquis.

Places of cultural interest:

  • The Roman watchtower in the Via Valeria

  • The three necropolis in Casal Rotondo

  • The Santa Caterina’s door

  • The Oratory of Santissima Annunziata

  • The old city hall

  • The palace Sebastiani del Grande

  • Fonte Limosa

  • Rocchi palace


Main events:

  • March: festival of gnocchi

  • May: festival of asparagus

  • August, 15th: festival of sagnozzi, a typical dish

  • September: feast "In Vino Veritas" during the grape harvest season

  • November, 1st: festival of chestnut



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