(m 834 s.l.m. – 42° 03’ 43” N – 13° 36’ 09” E)

Cerchio (Circhië in the local dialect) with about 1,634 inhabitants, is part of the circuit of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia”. Located on the north-east of the Fucino basin, at the bottom of the Mount Sirente, which separates it from Subequana Valley. Its origins are linked to the legend that it was founded by the sorceress Circe, sister Angizia; but another hypothesis is that the country has developed around a theater ( "Circus"), built by the Romans in the time of Emperor Claudius, author, after Caesar, of a draining of the Fucino intervention.

The mention of the church of St. Bartholomew in a bubble of Pope Boniface VIII in 1302, attests to the importance of both, increased by the fact that they belonged to the Colonna family and Piccolomini, who in 1591 ceded it to Camilla Peretti, sister of Sixtus V. The territory he was later included in the County of Celano and the Barony of Pescina. With the obstruction in 500 A.D. emissary of Emperor Claudius the Fucino lake again became a percolo so and so many peri riparian countries like Aielli, who recovered economically after the final drying up in 1878 by the banker AlessandroTorlonia, Prince of CivitellaCesi.

Destroyed in the earthquake of January 13, 1915, with more than three hundred victims, in one parish church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, crowded at the violent shock (7:52:48), the country was abandoned due to the massive emigraione to Canada, South America and Australia

Circle, along with the neighboring Collarmele has chosen the path of production of "green energy" from renewable sources. So the mountains located between the two municipalities were installed some power generators with a wind farm for which he tried to give the lowest possible environmental impact and noise pollution, thanks to the evolution of the technologies, assuring citizens essential services and to realize public works thanks to revenues from the production of renewable energy.

Places of historic and artistic interest:

  • Church of Madonna delle Grazie

  • The civic and sacred art Museum of Cerchio

  • Church of San Giovanni and Paolo

  • The fountain of Cesar (C'sar), bearing the signature of Giovanni Feneziani

  • Church of San Bartolomeo

  • The Nicola Calipari Theater

Main annual events:

  • August, 24th: commemoration of the papal bull by Bonifacio VIII in the Church of San Bartolomeo



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