Castel Madama

(a m 428 s.l.m.; 41°58’29” N – 12°52’02”E)

A municipality of about 7,570 inhabitants, in the metropolitan area of Rome, which is located on the northern slopes of the Monti Prenestini, bordering the Monti Tiburtini and above the Aniene Valley, (the Aniene river is a tributary of the Tiber). The name comes from the presence of a castle in which, in 1538, lived the princess (Madama) Margaret of Austria, daughter of the Emperor Charles V, who had an estate here. To commemorate that event each year the PalioMadama Marguerite of Austria take place in the town.

Not to be missed:

Places of historic and artistic interest:

  • Orsini Castle

  • Castel Madama Castle

  • Collicelli’s Garden

  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo

Main annual events:

  • First or second week of july - Palio Madama Margherita d’Austria

  • Feast of San Michele Arcangelo

  • Good Friday procession


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