(m 276 s.l.m. – 42° 13’ N – 13° 58’ E)

It is an ancient town on a hill at 276 m above sea level, in the territory of the Riserva Naturale della Valle dell’Orta - Nature Reserve of the Orta Valley. Thanks to the discovery of some archaeological finds in the neighboring hamlets of Santa Liberata and Sant'Anzino, it is possible to attest the Roman origin of this village. During the medieval period it was, for a long time, under the rule of the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria; later it was a fief of the Caracciolo family, then of the Branconi family. A few kilometers away, there is the hamlet Musellaro, a small village that was a separated municipality until 1928. In 1274 there was a Benedictine monastery in Musellaro called San Cleti de Musellaro (as appointed in a bull of Pope Gregory X). But the village has more ancient origins as can be attested by the presence of some Roman ruins, in particular by two stone inscriptions, found in a parish church and in the Palace of the last lords of Musellaro (the Barons Tabassi) coming from Sulmona.

A few kilometers away from Bolognano there is also the hamlet of Piano D’Orta. Its story is similar to the one of the former Factory Montecatini.


Not to be missed:

Places of historic and artistic interest:

  • Medieval church of Santa Maria dell’Entroterra

  • Orta Valley

  • Grotta dei piccioni (pegeons’ cave)

  • Grotta Scura (black cave)

  • Church of Santa Maria del Balzo


Local products and art

Our area boasts the cultivation of the vine and the production artisanal and semi-industrial wine. It counts the presence of several wineries, which include Cellar known at national and international level. Even the cultivation of olives and the production of extra-virgin olive oil is one of the strong points of the area.

Recently, it is catching up also the interest for the stone processing and the creation of unique works of art. From a gastronomic point of view, our area boasts many different small firm that produce the "arrosticini", typical meat dish of the Abruzzo cuisine.

Worthy of mention, the German artist Joseph Beuys a protagonist of contemporary art. His existential and artistic path led him to the municipality of Bolognano and here, the master created some of his works including the artistic project entitled The defense of nature, which encompasses the entire interiority of an individual who, thanks to his passage, has marked the twentieth century art.


Not to be missed: the old town of Bolognano, near the valley of the River Orta with an explosion of colors and art thanks to Baroness Durini, who turned it into an art workshop: the colors have invaded the homes, the old gates, the benches, etc. The symbol is Casa Cielo, a blue colored house.


Main annual events:

  • January 17th: feast of Sant’Antonio Abbate

  • August 16/17/18 - Festival of Santa Maria del Monte

  • First week of November - "Bacchus in music" recovery of the tradition of wine and food tasting


  • August 21/22 – Feast of the Sacred Heart

  • November – feast of desserts


  • August/September - local craft exhibition

  • End of August - Festival of the “Pecora alla Callara”

  • September 18/19/20  - feast of the SS. Crocifisso Miracoloso




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