Il Cammino del Volto Santo

Cammino del Volto SantoA spiritual journey through beautiful hiking trails and medieval villages, from St. Peter's Square in the Vatican Basilica to the Holy Face of Manoppello (in Pescara), in the footsteps of the first pilgrim who brought La Veronica (The Veronica) from Rome to Abruzzo in 1506.

The Way begins at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. Then, it crosses the city of Rome and a number of smaller municipalities and tourist and religious sites distributed on the path of the ancient Roman road Via Tiburtina, which connects Rome and Abruzzo. At the end, the Way reaches the municipality of Manoppello (in Pescara), where the Basilica of the Holy Face is.
The Basilica of the Holy Face is an important religious tourism destination for pilgrims from all over the world because it houses the precious relic of the Holy Face, brought to Manoppello by an unknown pilgrim who came from Rome approximately in 1506.
The Way of the Holy Face has been traced taking into account various factors such as historical and cultural features, but also the practicability of paths in terms of walkability or the possibility to cross the route with mountain bikes and on horseback. In several points, the Way crosses one of the Roman consular roads, the ancient Via Tiburtina Valeria. This last linked the Rome to Tibur (Tivoli) and even today it passes through many places of great historical, cultural, religious and naturalistic value.